The God of Hospitality: A Story

The first posts I’ve made in this blog–which were really one big story, broken into seven separate pieces–provide the foundation for all the rest of my writing on hospitality.

However, they’re scattered all over (and in reverse order). So, to make them easier to access, I’ve consolidated them into a nice, tidy table of contents. They’re meant to be read in order, but if you really want to skip to the Jesus stuff, I can’t blame you.

1. An Introduction
“A few initial observations about deep, true hospitality.”

2. The Hospitality of Creation
“God invites the first humans into divine hospitality, not as mere recipients but as full participants.”

3. The Risk
“The worst possible scenario in God’s risky act of welcome has become a reality: Humanity has rejected our role as guests as well as our role as hosts.”

4. An Unlikely Mission
“God embarks on an unlikely mission to welcome people back, back to God and back to each other. This mission of hospitality pops up all over Genesis, but really begins to become clear in the Exodus story.”

5. Hospitality Incarnate
“God, filled with compassion, steps down to welcome them back once more; only this time, God welcomes them in person.”

6. An Unwelcome God
“Jesus’ mission of hospitality depends on his willingness to experience the fullness of inhospitality. To welcome people back, Jesus has to die.”

7. The Hospitality of Life
“Through the resurrection of Jesus, the pain of rejection has become the conduit of new creation. The inhospitality of death has been swallowed up by the hospitality of Life.”


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